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Identifying the right opportunity for you and the best one for you to take advantage of. At Occentra, we call it the "Golden Idea".
Sangeetha Shinde, in describing the editorial slant of the, at the time, new The Business Incubator Magazine, describes a "broad definition of incubation" as all approaches that help "new and small businesses to start and grow".

There is a lot of information out there about the differences between them. As with many things, the definitions depend on who you ask. However, Ms. Shinde's definition is perhaps the best definition of them all.

For the purists, we will attempt to clear up some confusion about the differences and similarities so that you can make the best choices.

September 2017- We are living in time when a person can virtually have anything they want if they are willing to pay the price to get it. Certainly, the tools and resources are there.

More and more Americans are realizing the unique position they are in and are really considering entrepreneurship as their true birthright as Americans, and more than just an income choice. MORE
The Most Entreprenurial
Nations in the World.

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